ABS Pack Converts Salesforce

into an Account-Based CRM System.

Read more about account-based sales and where Salesforce is falling short.

Quit Customizing the Heck out of Salesforce

Here is a sales process that just works. Systematically sweep up the market without altering your lead/opportunity process. ABS Pack gives your team clarity and guidance so no target account gets left behind.

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Account Status Analytics

What's the status on all your target accounts? ABS Pack analyzes your Salesforce data and tells you where your accounts are on their journey to becoming a customer and what you can do to get them over the finish line.

Persona Analytics

Is your sales team talking to the right people at your target accounts? Are you using the right language for each contact? ABS Pack has answers. It detects the job level and buyer's persona of all your contacts and gives you detailed analytics on persona coverage and outreach effectiveness.

Lead-to-Account Matching

In the ABS world, inbound leads are an important engagement metric and your ticket to advancing a target account. ABS Pack can match leads to the right account record so your account team is on top of their game.

Available for Free on the AppExchange